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Your Office Buildout: Pinpointing the Right Contractor

No matter how big or small your office buildout project, the fact is plenty of things could go sideways. Will your contractor come in at budget? Will your project finish on time? Like many important projects, it’s imperative that you start by outlining your scope, budget and timeframe for completion. Consider these tips: Clearly define your scope. This is critical, as it puts you and your contractor on the same page. For example, consider an office buildout project. Your project scope is key for the landlord needing a new tenant office buildout as well as for tenants negotiating how the space will appear when finished. Consider, too, that your project may have a great variety of inclusions. All details must be included in the scope to ultimately achieve your desired result. Schedule a pre-construction meeting prior to finalizing contracts so all parties are on the same page. This can prevent expensive change orders (and aggravation) from occurring after your project gets started. Set a budget while still in the planning phase. This will help prevent you from spending more than you want or perhaps more than you can afford. It also defines cost parameters for your contractor. Pick a contractor you can trust. Do your homework—select a contractor who is dependable and delivers high-quality work. (That’s typically never the cheapest contractor!) Mutual respect matters. You want a contractor who respects your budget, understands your needs and is transparent in communication. Maintain ongoing communication. The best contractors develop schedules with milestones in stages, such as: architectural design, local/municipal permitting, project financing and construction. Throughout the building process, keep lines of communication open. Ask your contractor questions. Like you, their goal is an amazing finished product.


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