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Client Spotlight: Dr. Asal Caskey, VMD, Owner and Medical Director, Spring Mill Veterinary Hospital

Tell us about your veterinary practice and why it was time to build out a new space.

I have been in veterinary medicine for about 15 years, both in general practice and emergency. I was at the point in my career where I was ready to have my own practice and clients, and needed a new space to accomplish this.

I chose the location because it was an area without many competing veterinary practices, and it was close to my home and previous practice. I have a background in urgent care and emergency medicine, so I wanted a space that would allow the practice to grow to accommodate these offerings one day.

What type of space is it? What are the specs?

For the space itself, I wanted an open floor plan with lots of natural light. We needed to build out 3-4 exam rooms, a large surgical suite, and space for treatment tables, post surgical/hospitalized patient cages and an ICU cage bank with oxygen. We found a one-story, 3400 square foot space with lots of windows, making it the perfect space in the ideal location to meet all of our needs.

Are there specific needs / features that are unique to a veterinary office?

All new-build veterinary hospitals have requirements for zoning, fire code and safety, which were all researched and approved in advance with McCausland’s support. Together with the realtor, Brian worked with township representatives to ensure the space was in compliance.

We use X-ray equipment, so the build out required additional construction and appropriate shielding to eliminate the disbursement of X-rays to surrounding areas. Another structural need specific to veterinary medicine is floor drains for proper cleaning.

Were there any specific finishes required for this type of space?

In terms of design, we wanted a modern, yet warm and inviting atmosphere. Brian and his team were instrumental in designing the overall space with an earthy feel. We worked together to select tan and green tones for the walls and floors, and light wood tones for the masonry and cabinets with matte black hardware.

In the waiting room, the original cement floors were polished. Cool, light green laminate tile floors were installed through the rest of the space. Behind the reception desk, we have a natural wood shiplap wall with our logo, made of black metal. We have spotlights to illuminate the feature wall and the hanging LED lights in the waiting room.

Did any challenges or issues arise during the project that you didn’t anticipate? How did McCausland handle them?

The biggest challenges arose before McCausland’s involvement. We were initially working with a different contractor and architect, but the experience was frustrating, the communication limited and lacking transparency, and overall the process took much longer than anticipated. Once we decided to move in a different direction and met Brian, everything improved.

Regarding the space, there weren’t necessarily challenges but rather pivots required as we moved along. The original space was just a cement floor, with no plumbing, HVAC, or electric, so we built from the ground up. There were a few hiccups, including kennel installation, late arriving materials, and shipment delays, but the McCausland team worked around the issues, revised timelines and ensured the project stayed on track. McCausland team members installed kennels and ceiling tiles and applied polish to the laminate floors, staying late to do so. The team’s experience was clear and they were adept at troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Can you talk about your collaboration with Brian and his team?

Brian and his team were amazing to work with, from start to finish. I am not exaggerating when I say that McCausland was a lifesaver after months of frustration and lost investment. Once McCausland started the project, we saw progress and communicated with either Brian or Stephenie every day. Our project manager Danny was here daily, always friendly and helpful.

What do you believe sets McCausland apart?

The timeline and the budget that Brian presented was exactly what was delivered. I could not have asked for a better experience, or a more dedicated, hardworking team. My veterinary practice is my work ‘home away from home’ and I am so grateful that McCausland, Inc. built such a beautiful space.

In addition, the McCausland team works very well together. They are professional, kind, genuinely cared about the project, and it was clear that they cared for each other. They enjoy what they do, which comes across in the day-to-day interaction with the whole team and in the final product as well.


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