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Case Study: East Bay Merchant Capital Partners, Inc.


A Philadelphia-area financial services organization needed to completely renovate 5000 square feet of premiere, class A commercial office space. The placement of every HVAC component, sprinkler head, and light fixture, along with the construction of every wall and ceiling, had to be installed and constructed with the final finishes in mind. This was unusual, as most office spaces have an accessible ceiling throughout.


The proposed space was completely gutted and all mechanical infrastructure was replaced. Due to the unique nature of the project, every aspect had to be considered at every phase, including all high-end finishes, architectural ceilings, and specialty products. While coordination with the various tradesman and tenants' vendors was a challenge because they always needed to work in the space at the same time, the McCausland team worked collaboratively to achieve the desired specifications.


Despite facing pandemic-related supply chain issues and logistics, this complicated project was finished on time and on budget, in five months. There were impeccable levels of finish throughout the space including custom moldings, custom millwork, specialty glazing, and eight different molding profiles. The kitchen and banquet cabinetry was impressively constructed of solid wood, with integrated glass fronts on the doors.

If I had one word to describe my relationship with McCausland Inc. that word is trust. Our relationship has spanned 8 years and multiple projects at both Brinker Capital and East Bay Merchant Capital Partners. Our projects are complex and often continue to evolve throughout, considering both type of finish and final design. Brian and his team offer the highest level of craftsmanship and customer service, always staying on time and on budget. I highly recommend McCausland Inc. as a collaborative partner and a business built on integrity.

-- Mike Lenge, Director of Operations, East Bay Merchant Capital Partners, Inc.


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