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Tips for a Successful (and Awesome!) Office Buildout

An office buildout is no small feat—so it’s imperative to get things right from day one. At McCausland, we know, because we’ve completed hundreds of buildouts for clients over the years. Here are some tips for an office buildout that’ll make you want to move in!

Leverage windows to naturally light the entire office. Boost employee mood and productivity by letting the sunshine in. Rather than line your windows with executive offices, turn these spaces into meeting areas so everyone could take advantage of the sunlight and outside views. This may help to reduce your lighting costs as well.

Use glass partitions to create a modern feeling. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, glass partitions lend an air of sophistication to any office interior. They can successfully reduce ambient noise in large, airy workspaces without compromising the look and feel of your original design. Plus, glass may be a cost-effective option.

Don’t skimp on break-out spaces. Small to mid-sized breakout spaces can serve many purposes. They’re easily transformed into team rooms, break rooms, training rooms, private offices or oversized calling booths. Versatile as they are, your break-out spaces will likely be some of the most useful space in your office.

Prioritize wiring. Despite the power of wireless technology, business still runs on wires. Power connections are crucial for maintaining employee productivity. Investing in wiring now doesn't just make your initial buildout work better—it also ensures you have the right connections in place for any future iterations of your buildout.

At McCausland, we help our clients to plan not just for today but for the future as well.


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