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Q&A With Linda Magnavita of Little Black House, a Philly-Based Interior Design Company

McCausland is honored to partner with many talented interior designers and architects across the tri-state area in bringing their designs and creativity to life. One of our recent exciting projects has been with Little Black House, an interior design company located in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia. Owner Linda Magnavita hired McCausland for general contracting work ranging from electrical and plumbing to flooring and painting. We recently interviewed Ms. Magnavita about her experience with us. Read what she had to say!


Can you tell me how first you met Brian McCausland? How long have you worked together? Ms. Magnavita: Brian and I met about one year ago on the recommendation of a property management company with whom we both have a relationship. I was looking for a general contractor to help Little Black House complete an interior design project for a boutique medical office in Wayne, a Main Line Philadelphia suburb. My client was seeking an environment that offers patients a unique, creative experience.


Are medical offices a forte of Little Black House? Ms. Magnavita: Partly, yes. Our expertise is in medical offices, high-end residential spaces, common areas and amenity spaces for multi-family units, rooftop decks, lobbies and the like. We seek to design unexpected spaces that create an inspirational experience.


Can you provide some specifics about the project? Ms. Magnavita: Sure. To begin, the office building space was completely utilitarian, although it had already been redone before my client took over the lease. The layout just didn’t suit my client’s needs—it felt too generic. While the space would work well for a business office, it wasn’t right for my client. Some of the modifications completed by Brian and his team included adding walls, installing plumbing, changing ceiling grids and installing new flooring with luxury vinyl tile. He also did painting and wall coverings and completed electrical work that included incorporating interesting lighting in the space. There were many, many details.


What was it like working with McCausland? Can you talk about your collaboration and how you both came together to make the client project a success? Ms. Magnavita: The McCausland team was extremely responsive and collaborative. Whenever myself or someone on my team had a question, Brian was there to respond. He was always willing to accept our calls, even Zoom calls with my client—in this case, the physician of the medical practice. On the flip side, Brian would reach out to us whenever he had design or drawing questions. There was mutual respect from the start. Brian always made sure we approved of any changes in unforeseen circumstances. Collaboration is a great asset in a contractor; not all of them are like Brian. In timing and deadlines, he was also wonderful—he over-delivered and the project turned over quickly.


What do you believe sets McCausland apart? Ms. Magnavita: His professionalism and a big thing, the cleanliness of his team and how they left the worksite every day. It was impeccable. Overall, McCausland’s work ethic is stellar. Brian is one of the best contractors I’ve worked with. He was very transparent and there were no surprises. The budget he gave is what we landed on.


McCausland thanks Ms. Magnavita of Little Black House ( for sharing her insights on working with McCausland. It has a been our pleasure to work with her and her team in bringing designs by Little Black House to life!


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